The Crusader Kings II matchmaker - click here to download

Crusader Kings II by Paradox, is a great game. A major component of it is looking through the various characters in the game, and finding those who meet your criteria, most typically for marriage matchmaking. While the game does a good job of it, there's always more we wish it could do.

'Matchmaker' to the rescue! This is a program I wrote that will look at a save game file for you, load the characters in, and let you filter them in many ways. Furthermore, it can export the filtered set as a CSV file for you. Note that it works out-of-game - this is an external stand-alone program. Here are three quick examples, of it in use, all from the same saved game (start the 100-years-war scenario, play Philippe VI as France, save and exit immediately) available here if you'd like to repeat/verify the process.

Example - marrying for genetics

Starting with 5129 nobles, I asked the Matchmaker for those who (a) have the 'Genius' trait, (b) are unmarried, (c) female, (d) with a 'Diplomacy' of at least 10, (e) at least 16 years old, (f) at most 40 years old, (g) Catholic, and (h) not having the 'Chaste' trait. And 3 passed the test:

Example - the 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel'

This time, I filtered for those who (a) are female, (b) at least 47 years old, (c) rule at least a barony, (d) unmarried, and with no living children. And 4 passed the test:

Example - who to invite?

Suppose, as the king of France, I would like to invite somebody to my court who can give me claims into England. I filtered for those who (a) are male, (b) have at least one claim, (c) have the 'Content' trait, and (d) do not have the 'Ambituous' trait, (e) are English. One passed the test:

Example - excommunication targets

I'd like to make some mischief in Poland. I filtered for those who (a) have a Duchy or higher, (b) are Polish, (c) are Catholic, (d) have piety of 15 or less, (e) have wealth of 80 or less. 3 passed the test:

You get the idea - for more detail, please see either the quickstart guide, or the full reference

To install and run it

If you have Java installed on your machine, this should be very easy.

Download this zip file and extract it into a folder of your choice. It will extract two files, matchmaker.exe and matchmaker.jar. If you're on a PC, or your save files are large, double-click on matchmaker.exe. If you're on a Mac, or your save files are small, double-click on matchmaker.jar - matchmaker.exe is just a 'wrapper' around matchmaker.jar If you double-click matchmaker.jar and nothing happens, that typically means that something other than Java is set to open .jar files on your computer. You may wish to use a tool like jarfix, and/or right-click on the file and do 'open with' and tell it to open with the Java interpreter.

If none of those techniques work, open up a command prompt, go to the directory you downloaded the file into, and type
java -jar matchmaker.jar
If that doesn't work, you don't have Java installed on your machine - google for how to set that up.

Latest version

Here is the latest version:
VersionZip file

Enjoy! I welcome feedback - email me at

The Source Code

(Added 2014). It's been around 2 years since I used 'Matchmaker', and I don't support it any longer. I hope it works for you! If not, I have uploaded the source code to SourceForge, it can be found at I welcome your fixes/enhancements.